JANINE McCAFFERTY,  MBACP (Accred),  Compassionate Counsellor

Compassionate therapy to enhance your personal well-being

Is Counselling For Me?

You may be wondering if counselling is right for you. Perhaps wondering whether it will help, and how? Many people have questions before starting counselling, so I have provided answers to some common questions below.

I'm Nervous About Starting Counselling...

It is completely natural to feel nervous when weighing up whether to have counselling - making the decision to start counselling is not always an easy one. It can feel daunting, especially if you haven't had counselling before, as new and unknown experiences can often feel a little scary. Maybe you've had counselling in the past and are thinking about giving it another go.

Whilst it requires courage to contact a counsellor, it can also be a huge relief to take this first step, and speak with someone independent of your social circle, in complete confidence.

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Will It Help?

In my experience, some people notice feeling better after a few sessions, although in some cases it may take longer before therapy starts to make a difference.

Unfortunately, counselling does not work for everybody. For example, sometimes you may be talking about very painful, distressing things, and find it difficult to continue with sessions.

Despite this, the effort is often worthwhile, and being supported to work through painful issues can lead to positive change.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

If there is a specific concern you want to address, for example a recent event which has caused distress, then relatively few sessions (perhaps between 6 and 12), provides time for us to explore the issue, and to begin to think of changes you might want to make.  

Where a more in-depth exploration is required, perhaps for historical, or deep-seated issues, then longer may be needed.

Is Janine A Qualified Counsellor?

I am a degree qualified counsellor, and an accredited member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

Please see the About Janine page for more about my background, qualifications, and experience.

How Much Will It Cost?

A initial chat online or over the phone is free.

The cost for a one hour counselling session is £50.

See the Counselling Process page for more info on the counselling process and fees.